Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hair Chalks

So the other day I finally gave hair chalks a try, and I loved them! I've wanted to dye parts of my hair purple for awhile, but have unable to with work, so my hair dresser suggested giving these a try. Here are the results:

These are great because they just wash out and are not as damaging as dye is on the hair. The purple in my fringe did stain my hair a little though, leaving it with a bit of a pink tinge, but I think that's because I left it in overnight >-< But with a bit of toner shampoo I was able to get that out straight away! 

The ones I brought were from Ebay, the link is here, though there are plenty of different ones on ebay if you search "hair chalks". They are great to play around with, and can give you an idea what different hair colours would look like in your hair ^-^


  1. It really looks good on you!
    I need to try this again since I can't dye my hair right now T^T

    1. Its a really fun way to mix things up a bit, especially if you aren't able to permanently dye it ^_^