Sunday, 17 November 2013

Latest Stylenanda purchases~

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, life has taken over a bit lately! I was busy with exams for a couple of weeks then I've gone straight into working almost everyday, and I'm always so tired after work -_-
But I'm going to try to be a bit more active now! 

A few weeks ago a did a mini haul from, I purchased a pink leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses.
Here are some photos of my purchases:

* Warning picture heavy!* 

All up it took almost 4 weeks to recieve my order, it only too ka week to arrive, but it took them awhile to process it, I guess they have to ship the products in from somewhere first?

Seriously so in love with this jacket! The colour is so vibrant and gorgeous, it feels really soft, and I love the cut of it. You can see some photos of me wearing it here

It was  $98.97 US the link is here

 I also purchased these glasses, I'm still unsure if I like the shape of them on my face though :/
(Also you can see me in my onesie in the reflection haha) 

They were $17.39 and the link is here 

They also gave me a free nail polish, its a really gorgeous purple colour, I meant to take a photo when I was wearing it but I forgot and dont have it with me at the moment :c 

I was really happy with this order, even though it took awhile to recieve it. I will definitely be doing another haul from them in the future!  


  1. What a gorgeous pink color! I really want to try shopping through them soon when I start making real money at my new job lol Nice buys!

    1. Thank you! It's so gorgeous on, I've been wearing it so often lately ^-^ They have some really cute things, I will definitely be getting a few more things from them in a month or so c: