Monday, 9 December 2013

Recent Purchases

In the last few weeks I've made quite a few purchases and thought I would share them with you guys ^-^ And also the things that I'm getting for christmas.
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Purchases from shopping trips in the city:
Bag and one piece from: Forever New
Top from: Dotti
Dress from Valley girl
Skirts from: Forever New
Shorts from: Forever New
I actually got the DS case from my work, but you can get them at any EB Games store or I'm sure from most department stores

Lush bath bomb and more lush h'suan wen hua hair treatment - love this stuff!
Most of the bits and pieces are from Daiso

The Rilakkuma coin purse is from a little store in China Town (Melbourne) The top was from a little boutique store I found in the city

Online Purchases:
This super cute garter is from an etsy store called:
Its pretty amazing quality for quite a cheap price, expect more purchases in the future ^-^ 

These adorable dresses are from dreamv (
And the Minny Mouse eyelashes are from ebay ^-^
Also I got my very first pen pal letter! 

Ebay purchases:
In colour #1 Minnie Red and #2 Minnie Pink

And these are some things I've gotten for Christmas (I obviously cant get them till christmas day though)

From my parents:
These are all from

And these are what I'm getting from my boyfriend (all of them are from taobao, I wont put up the links until I have received them then I will do a review)

 Thanks for reading! ^-^


  1. Everything is so amazing! I especially love all the make up products, in particular the Minny Mouse make up which is super cute x

    1. Thanks lovely, I'm excited to get everything! ^_^

  2. How on Earth do you navigate the taobao website? I'm in love with all of your finds. But the site baffles me!

    1. I have a guide here:

  3. I'm so happy I found your blog! I was googling for a liz lisa jumper and came across it :') I love your style, so adorable! x

    1. Aw thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoy my blog ^-^

  4. everything is SO CUTE ^^
    I love all of the dresses, especially the ones from DreamV. Can you pay via Paypal on there?
    ahhh it's all so cute :D

    1. Thanks sweetheart ^-^ No you can't only by card! ♡

  5. So many pretty things *^*
    I love your blog. It's so cute and happy :)
    thank you for following as well <3

    1. Aw thanks so much lovely, and thank you too! <3

  6. The things that you bought are super cute!!! The dresses that you purchased from Bonne Chance Collections really caught my eye and I wish that I can buy things online QQ. Thank you for sharing xo
    Have a lovely day!

    1. They have such unique pieces, I'm really looking foward to seeing the quality of them ^-^ That's alright lovely, thank you, I hope you do too! ♡

  7. I love your hauls! You have such great taste :3 I've been looking for the little onion underwear set since you posted this, could i ask where you found it? (:

  8. so many cute things!! and that Sailor Moon sweater (*゚∀゚)
    u playing Zelda ♥♥

  9. Will you post the link of the pink blouse with the heart on it from taobao?